About Us

Riyādul Jannah, a monthly journal,  is an invaluable source of authentic Islamic knowledge for all the family. It offers enlightening articles to inspire and engage its readers with the aim being to assist the Ummah in becoming better Muslims and subsequently beloved in the Sight of our Creator, Allāh ta‘ālā.

The chief editor of Riyādul Jannah is the Shaykhul-Hadīth of the Islāmic Da‘wah Academy (Leicester, UK), Hadrat Mawlānā Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullāh.

Riyādul Jannah publishes 10 single issues and 1 double issue every year. Click here to subscribe and join the Riyādul Jannah community.


  • Guidance from the Glorious Qur’an
  • Lessons from Hadith
  • Editorial by the Shaykh hafizahullah containing timely guidance for the Ummah
  • Questions and answers on Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Inspiring articles to deepen understanding and practice of Islam
  • Children’s Corner